Chef's recommendations

The star class chef Soong Yuk has been cooking Thai cuisine for over 20 years. He has been the main chef of many famous hotels and has won many awards. Within the 20 years he has worked in Macau for ten years. The truly understands the local taste and over hundreds of different Thai recipes, and was specially invited to cook for Talay Thai by the owners.

The Star Class Tasting From Thai

Thai cuisines favor taste, because they have different spies

Newly improved Selected ingredients

Sonng Yuk has walked through the whole Thai. He knows about many different Thai cuisines, even the civilian snacks that are seldom seen out side. At the same time, he has worked in Macau for 10 years, and has localized the favor of his cooking, while keeping the original aspects of the Thai cuisine, that created layers in his cooking's favor. Moreover, Soong Yuk's 10 students each have their expertised field. They are good and go to the market to select fresh ingredients with the main chef.


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2) Grilled Marinated Sliced Beef

 Featured first grade beef barbecue, with juicy and first class taste.

4)Saba Fish

Former Saba fish grill with a special Sauce, it tasted extremely delicious.


5)Deep Fried Prawn Cake 

Deep fried fresh prawn with special spices but it taste light and excellent

 13)Thai Style Roasted Salt and Pepper Prawns

Red is a signal of dangerous and spicy, but actually not in this dish. Just take a shot, surely it won’t disappoint you.

20)Stir-fried Century Eggs with Basil

Thai spices mixed with the fried century egg, feel the special bite with a bit spicy.

21)Thai Style Fried Clams

Fresh Clams with he secret virtually made Thai spices and sauces mixed with speculation, it tastes rich, peppery modest, very Game.

31)Pig Trotters Stewed in Red Wine

Slide tenderly of the pig's front trotters , it's  harvest, matches with red wine, people will like and enjoy in it

32)Volcano Chicken

Serves chicken when ignites, hesitates the volcano to be intense, the fragrance passes on the great distance, fresh namely boils is the food.

33)Crab and Vermichelli

Merges in completely the bean or sweet potato starch noodles the peaceful -like fragrant branch essence, has in a big way displayed in a big way “the taste” the strength, makes this bean or sweet potato starch noodles crab splendidly bao.

51)Fresh Raw Shrimps

Selects prawn freshly, matches by the Peru special sauces and cooked with soy bean sauce, lives the prawn fresh to match sweetly by the Peru special sauces cooked in soy bean sauce mixes in Yu Kou, fresh and spicy feeling, likes you who stimulates, might as well tastes this vegetable the flavor.

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