About Talay Thai

Talay Thai is located at Macau’s top tier structure – Fisherman's Wharf. It has 180 degrees sea-views and beautiful landscapes.

Not only the outdoor café that could give you the freedom to enjoy star-class Thai cuisine while being overwhelmed by the vibrant display of the environment; The Restaurant was built  with two stories, unique characteristics design.

Talay also runs a bar, shows live sport matches with huge projectors. Moreover, a stage is built to invite DJs and different bands to show a live performance on special occasions, and a dance floor is set for you to show off your skills.


Various owners of the Talay Thai Restaurant are passionate in the Thai cultures, love Thai cuisine, and at the same time loves to drink, they like to order drinks with friends at their free time.
The owners smile and say those are the motivations which are driving them to start the store.

Speaking of the food from Talay, one that is worth mentioning is their star class chef. To serve the very best Thai foods, the owners especially went to Thailand and invited the star class chef, Soong Yuk.

Including Soong Yuk, the eleven chiefs  are responsible for different menu items. For localization purpose, they improved the cuisine to create foods with new sensations with the old Thai styles.